DBRE Consulting Inc is a professional real estate management firm providing services to clients that own commercial assets throughout northern California. DBRE Consulting specializes in residential multi-family management, mobile home park management, and retail commercial property management.

DBRE Consulting provides real estate management services throughout the Bay Area, the Sacramento area, and all points in between. DBRE Consulting maintains full accounting and financial control systems and personnel to provide accurate and timely accounting and reporting of funds under management.

DBRE Consulting is a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management, the California Receiver’s Forum, and the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association. DBRE Consulting’s president, Doug Buzbee, is a licensed real estate broker and a Professional Engineer (civil) in the state of California.

We have an unyielding commitment to our clients’ interests and are committed to the highest level of service.


Property management — rent collection, tenant screening, project and vendor management, turn-over, payables, code compliance, tenant communication, training and oversight of on-site personnel, operating funds management and financial reporting

Leasing — market evaluation, pricing, advertising, lease negotiation, document preparation, and tenant improvements

Bookkeeping and Payroll — complete financial management and reporting and payroll processing for client on-site employees including payroll tax payments and reporting

Construction Management — project scoping, solicitation of qualified bids, evaluation and presentation of bids on an “apples-to-apples” basis, contracting, scheduling, management of work output and quality, progress payments to contractors

Financial Analysis and Underwriting — general market analysis, revenue projections, cost underwriting, project valuation based on various capital and debt scenarios; evaluation of assessments and bond districts and impacts on property value

Due Diligence Investigation — analysis of project entitlements, expense and revenue analysis, title matters, property taxes and carry costs, physical condition of buildings, storm water and local agency code compliance

Asset Stabilization — possession of premises, code compliance, site and building security, insurance and risk management, unlawful detainer actions, and lease-up


DBRE Consulting’s clients include private commercial real estate firms, family-owned real estate investment firms, and institutional real estate owners including Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, and East West Bank. DBRE Consulting’s development clients include large institutional investment firms as well as individual land owners seeking real estate development expertise.

DBRE Managed Properties

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